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Tips for Providing Unforgettable Manicures and Pedicures

Manicurist performing a professional manicure
Manicures and pedicures are beauty treatments that can help people feel good about the way they look. They can also help empower people to feel more relaxed and pampered. Whether it's a special treat for a young girl preparing for her first formal dance or a way for a grandmother to enjoy a little something just for herself, manicures and pedicures are treatments like no other.
If you want to be a nail technician or a beauty professional who offers manicures and pedicures among your services, you need to attend a licensed cosmetology school to ensure that you are prepared for this dynamic, exciting career. Also follow these tips to ensure that you provide an unforgettable manicure and pedicure to each client you see.
Get Manicures and Pedicures
Understand what the manicure and pedicure experience is like from your client's perspective. Go get at least a handful of manicures and pedicures from different places to see how different salons work. You may find that the experience varies quite a lot from place to place, and it will give you a better sense of what you do and don't want to do as a beauty professional.
When going to get a manicure or pedicure from a salon, bring along a notebook. Take note of the overall experience. Observe everything from how the customers are greeted to the way that the options for the manicures and pedicures are presented to them. Note whether small talk is made or how else customers are made to feel comfortable during the nail care process.
Ask Questions for the Benefit of Your Clients
You don't want any manicure or pedicure to turn into an interrogation, but you should ask your clients a few questions before you start beauty treatments. You may ask if they have any specific goals for the manicure and pedicure or if the treatments are for a special occasion. Go beyond the paperwork to see if they have any health concerns or need special treatment.
Also, to avoid an awkward situation where you simply spout out several questions in a row, you may throw them in during a conversation where you talk to your clients about the manicure and pedicure. If the client hasn't ever had a manicure before, explain the process. Talk about the steps you take to ensure their comfort, safety, and enjoyment.
Set Boundaries
Many beauty salons have special requirements. Also, many salons will allow you to set certain rules for your work area. For example, if clients bring along their full lunch to eat during a manicure, that can make your job difficult. Eating requires the use of their hands, and it can stink up the area for other nearby clients. You might think about setting a rule against eating in the salon.
Also, while you want to set a friendly tone for the appointment, don't overshare. Your client doesn't need to know details of your dating life or family problems. If a client chooses to overshare, be gracious and kind about it, but don't see that as an invitation to do the same. A friendly but professional demeanor is the best way to ensure that clients enjoy a good experience during their experience.
Watch for Cues
If your client isn't pleased with something you are doing, recognize it early in the manicure. Stop and ask for input. Check in and see if they are okay with a suggested color now that they're seeing it on their nails. Some clients may be hesitant to speak up about a complaint until the manicure is complete, which will then make it that much harder to redo.  
Finally, keep in mind that the best manicures and pedicures are the ones that exceed the expectations of your clients. When you follow these tips, you empower yourself to give memorable manicures and pedicures each day. Contact Fairview Academy, an acclaimed, licensed cosmetology school, to move forward with your career as a professional cosmetologist.
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