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Gangrene, Ghouls, and Godzilla - How to Get Into Special Effects Cosmetology

Special Effect Make Up
Cosmetology is all about glamour, artistry, and creativity. If you really want to explore your dramatic and fun-loving side, special effects makeup might be for you. How can you start working in this informal but fascinating field? Here are five steps to get you started with effects cosmetology.

1. Get an Educational Foundation

As with most technical fields, a solid base of understanding and education is key to branching out into other services. Look for a highly rated and licensed cosmetology school that will teach you the fundamentals of makeup, hair, nail, and facial work.
From learning about how to handle different skin types and hair textures to working with diverse clients, basic cosmetology training gives you the skills to expand your horizons on your own.

2. Use Various Resources

Budding makeup effects artists have more chances to learn their craft informally than ever before. Work with instructors at your cosmetology school to develop new techniques, such as learning how to block brows or use contouring to change facial shapes on any gender. In addition, instructors and the school itself likely has other contacts within the local field with whom you can form a helpful connection.
Don't be afraid to get on the internet to learn about new techniques or garner some inspiration. Between videos, photos, how-to articles, and conversations with effects professionals, you can learn a lot without spending much (or any) money.

3. Get the Right Tools

Cosmetology school will teach you how to identify and use the right tools for the right jobs. But effects makeup and hair work have different tools available to create the results you're looking for. You may need to find and invest in some of these more specific items. For instance, bruises have a very specific color variety and mottling. If you plan to do fake bruising, you should consider purchasing a bruise wheel specifically designed with the right combination to achieve bruises of any age.
Finding the right tools for fantasy and faux effects doesn't necessarily require buying expensive items, so talk with others who've already identified hacks and tricks for achieving the desired looks.

4. Create a Portfolio

As you practice various techniques, start building a portfolio that demonstrates your skills. If you want to seek gigs in special effects work, tailor a portfolio solely for this type of work. Practice popular effects on friends and family (or even paid subjects). Gaining experience in popular motifs, like zombie makeup or anime characters, will help you appeal to potential clients.
Be sure to take high quality photos of your work at different distances and angles. Full costume work could warrant distant shots and headshots to show the full effect you achieved. But be sure to include specific effects - such as contusions, blood, bruising, and fantasy face makeup - in greater detail.

5. Find Local Opportunities

Once you've learned the basics of special effects cosmetic work, look for chances to practice your craft right in your own area. You don't have to live in Hollywood to work with effects and special makeovers.
Make contacts with local organizations that do historical recreations, Renaissance fairs, and comic or fantasy conventions. Fans of all these genres love to dress up - often with special makeup and hair applications or fake injuries. If you get a few clients in a community, word of mouth will grow quickly.
You may also be able to practice effects art by participating in training for emergency personnel by means of moulage. Moulage is the art of applying fake injuries to real people to help others learn how to deal with an emergency situation. Local and small theater groups are another good source of effects cosmetic experience.
Special effects cosmetics opens up a world of fascinating makeup and hair possibilities for anyone with a beauty background. Start your journey today with a visit to Fairview Academy. We can get you on your way to unleashing your inner artist.
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