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6 Career Choices for Cosmetology Students

Hairstylist And Customer
Thinking about applying to cosmetology school? A cosmetology degree is a versatile qualification that can lead to many different and exciting opportunities in the field. You can use a cosmetology degree in many ways. This guide lists six unexpected and fulfilling career paths for cosmetology students.

1. Glam Squad

Your beauty school degree could lead you to become a celebrity hair stylist or member of a glam squad. By building your reputation as a stylist, becoming a member of professional organizations, and mingling at events and trade shows, you can open doors that could lead to internships and job offers.
An internship is the best way to get a foot in this part of the cosmetology business, though it may require a move to a metropolitan city, like New York or L.A.

2. Spa Tech

Depending on your degree, you could become a spa technician. If you thrive in a relaxed and laid-back work environment, then a spa could be what you are looking for. Some cosmetology schools also offer classes in massage therapy, which would make you a better fit for a spa.
As the spa's hairstylist or cosmetologist, you could be asked to attend private functions, events, or parties with other spa staff.

3. Photography Stylist

If you have always wanted to travel, then working on a photography team could be well suited to you. Teams of stylists and beauty professionals work behind the scenes preparing models for their shoots - this often involves long hours in unique, international destinations. Working as a photography stylist is also the perfect way to build a professional portfolio of your work.

4. Instructor or Teacher

Passing your knowledge on to others can be truly gratifying about, which could make a job as an instructor or teacher a satisfying career. Teaching is also a great way to stay current on the latest styles, trends, and techniques. This type of position facilitates life-long learning for people who are passionate about the industry.
Going to cosmetology school will open you up to contacts, positions, and teaching opportunities that you may have otherwise missed out on.

5. Online Trendsetter

Another unique opportunity that a cosmetology degree offers is the ability to produce and distribute online tutorials. There are many ways to make money via the internet, and with affiliate marketing potential, you could make a significant income - without leaving the comfort of your home.
Demonstrate the latest styles, treatments, or beauty regimens on video and upload it for subscribers to view. Build a following by adding fresh content regularly and reinforcing with social media exposure.

6. Independent Entrepreneur

Have you always wanted to be your own boss and work for yourself? Your cosmetology degree is all that you need to start your own business. For example, you could work as a sub-contractor for a salon with your own client base and work-hours. Being an entrepreneur has its perks, such as making your own schedule. You could also own your own salon and rent chairs in your own space for added revenues.
Cosmetology graduates have many opportunities waiting for them, and the versatility of the degree makes it a practical choice for prospective students. Talk to admissions counselors and representatives about logistics like class availability and financial aid.
When weighing your career options, don't underestimate the value of a degree. Cosmetology school affords students the chance to gain valuable skills without the burden of attending conventional college classes for several years.
Talk to admissions about applying at Fairview Academy to learn more about the things you need to compete in this industry, and how to begin preparing for your own educational experience. Start carving your niche in the glamorous world of beauty, hair, and style. 
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